Friday, October 4, 2013

A Field Trip, A Round Robin

round robin
Quilters are special people. Personalities are expressed in pattern and color. Such as in this Quilt in friend Susan's sewing room. Yes, my field trip was to someones sewing studio. It doesn't get much better than that! The fabric stash, the in-progress pieces on a design wall (I should have taken a photo!) more fabric, machines, more get the idea:) A common thread among quilters is the fabric stash. I am always amazed at those very controlled quilters who purchase fabric knowing exactly what they are going to do with it and then only buy what they need for that one project. How does that happen? Well, not a concept known in my Sewtopia!

The above quilt was a progressive group project from a few years ago by the Sew and Sews. Before my time. It is an explosion of color and angles. And then those half circles pop up in round three and four. It works. Mounted on a beautiful bead-board wall, it warms the space beautifully.

You have seen some of these blocks before but I am absolutely fascinated with Kaleidoscopic effect created by these fussy-cut pieces. A quilting friend shares her templates, yes she does. I think I have a plan for all those pieces of Kaffe fabrics. Here are some more of these blocks. Some of these are cut from the same fabric, different angles. Can you identify which ones?
So many little time! Thank you Susan!
BTW, theses blocks are all  hand pieced!


ELMO said...

This kind of piecing can turn a meh fabric into something pretty spectacular, LOVE THEM!!

Corinne said...

I know, wait till you see the finished piece, she has quite a few blocks done but quite a few more are needed. Glad you like them!

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