Friday, January 20, 2017

Cross Stitching and a Winter Evening

The evening stitcher. Since darkness still falls early in January, I am always looking for a hand-work project to keep me busy while Mr. watches his television programs. It's not that I don't appreciate river monsters and how to catch them but I know that I can accomplish something while I learn!
This cross-stitch project for example has been at rest for a while in its own little keeper. The name of the pattern is "Patti Dovecoat" by Kathy Barrick. It is simple and sweet. A little sampler to frame or finish into a mini-pillow. I will decide when it is finished. At this point it is a little less than half done. I do need supplemental light these days to see the pattern and the thread count!
To make the project portable it is kept in its own little book with all supplies needed. While I had my tires rotated and oil changed the other day Patti Dovecoat came along. We passed the time effortlessly.

  • I am enjoying a bit of cross-stitch now and then. I used to always have a piece in progress but when quilting entered Sewtopia, many other past-times went to the back burner. That was 20 years ago. 
  • I like to have each project nestled in its own keeper. A needle book, a re-purposed cookie tin or a small make up case all work well. 
  • I keep all my precious threads, DMC, Valdani, silks and wool etc. in their own cases and out of sunlight and dust. 
  • A case for everything and everything in its case, that's me!

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