Saturday, July 9, 2016

Quilters, We Speak a Different Language


When I began my serious quilting career I was determined to do one project at a time, purchase the needed fabrics for only two projects at a time. We all know how that worked out. Croak! Croak!

I have good reasons for why it didn't work out as planned. Let me share.

  • When I see fabulous fabric I know, without a doubt, that I need to acquire it right then because it will not be there when I return. Sometimes I hit my favorite shops only once a month or so. Now, that is planned, and I admit that I am weak around fabric. But I also know from experience that I need to get that 'perfect' fabric then. 
    Now could you walk away from this? Really?
  • Since my studio time is limited I need to prep ahead so that I can make the best use of my time. Therefore, I set up work-boxes with the fabric, directions or pattern, needed templates etc. ahead in organized lidded plastic storage boxes. 
    McCoy is as enchanted with this little bundle as I was!
  • I get bored. I can work on three different projects in any given day because my attention span is getting shorter. Right now I am working on a tumbler quilt, a 9 patch project and a block of the month quilt. (I am waaaaay behind on that one!)
    And just look at this destined to be an Apron fabric! Cute, cute, cute!
  •  Just as I prepare for Winter by stocking up the cupboards and freezer for inclement weather, I stock the studio with enough fabric (and then some) to keep me occupied in case of a zombie apocalypse! You never know, you know?
    Another pile of 9 patch blocks waiting to be pressed, I think we are at 97 now. A few minutes a day is working out quilters, the pile is growing.
I suspect that this little list may sound like excuses to you but if you sew, you know. If you quilt, you guilt. Now, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Have a wonderful Summer day!
  • The Ladies of the Cloth quilting group took a field trip a couple weeks ago to the Creative Stitches Cafe in Monroeville, Pa.  I purchased the fabric there. Nice selection of fabrics, helpful staff and a great restaurant next door made for a nice day out for the Ladies. 
  • That's all for now. Are you trying the 15 minutes a day challenge? How is it working for you?


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