Saturday, February 1, 2014

Door Closed on January, Hello February

 I am feeling a bit ill today, sore throat and a nasty headache. Timing could not be worse. Nice hot cup of tea usually helps a bit so that is next on the agenda. I had just remarked yesterday that I was so glad I have not been ill. I have been avoiding crowds etc. Yeesh!

  Remember this? Moonlighting season 2 episode 6. The same background music, different context!

I was going to venture outside to practice some of the functions on the new Lumix Camera with the Leica lens. A jewel of a compact camera this little girl does all sorts of effects that I want to learn. Not outside, not today. So a little indoor play.

First up, the 3 D Panorama effect.  Before with a standard automatic setting......

Some of the Polish Pottery collection on a reproduction step-back hutch in the kitchen. The left side........

the right side.

Leica lens, 3d, panorama
the Panorama includes the entire length of the display space and the 3D effect, while subtle, defines the roundness of the teapots to me and picks up the glow on the curved surfaces from the over head light.

  • This is a nice little camera for the price, I got it on sale, that helped. A small camera is essential.
  • I want to improve the quality of my photo's.
  • January was a good month to change hair color, well that's what she told me.
  • February will tell the tale on that one. 
  •  I need tea and Tylenol, later.

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