The Teapots, The Teacups

Cracker Barrel teapot, fall apple themes.

Mother's Day 2008, a 100th Anniversary Teleflora piece that originally held a little bouquet. From MIL.


Cracker Barrel Harvest Theme

 The First Pot. An Arthur Wood fixed handle  3 or 4 cup pot. 

Purchased in Niagra Falls, Canada. It has little violets painted all over.


Tea set, from Boston Shops. Porcelain. A fixed handle pot, creamer, covered sugar bowl, a sandwich tray, 4 small plates, 4 teacups with saucers. Pattern name is  Brown Botanical by Skye McGhie.

 The Wonky-Modern-Asian Artist Pot. Purchased at the Three Rivers Art Festival, it is signed only with a "Z."

November 29, 2011
Modern and yet somehow reminiscent of the conning tower of the Merrimac. Never-the-less, here she is the Varme. From IKEA.

the Sterling Sheffield Antique Set, with tarnish
the teapot lamp

Polish Pottery, 2 cup teapot. I picked this up at a local gift shop owned by friends. The quality of the clay in Polish Pottery is very high. This pot retains heat very well.

 A party favor at the Westmoreland County Epilepsy Foundation in 2008, won by Dear Son. Thank You.

A 1 cup teapot from the gift shop at the Hotel Hershey. Flowers in bloom.

Campbell Pottery, Cambridge Springs, Pa. Porcelain  Glaze.
The lid.

The artist's interpretation of the Solar System, in a teapot. Purchased at an Art Faire by Husband. The planet Saturn is featured in the bowl.  Lots of stars too!The glaze is sort of iridescent in natural light.


From the traveling Titanic Exhibit, 2008, to the Carnegie Science Museum, Pittsburgh, Pa. The museum gift shop supplied me with this demitasse cup, a reproduction from the Titanic 1st class dining room. 

The official seal of authenticity of the official reproduction.

2/14/21 The Jam Pot
 Polish Pottery Jam Pot holds about 1 cup of preserves. Perfect for the tea tray. I purchased this on QCV.

 2/28/12 Naturewood by Pfaltzgraff. 8 cup stoneware. Oyster back ground.

the lid.

A nice Spring Theme teapot as a gift from Dear MIL. It is English with the hallmark "Sadler."
 Delicate little flowers on the panels and lid.

March 27, 2012
 This is the McCoy Pottery
"Ivy Bowl" in green/blue.

Manufactured only in 1949, it is about 6 1/2 inches across and has 6 little wells to hold flowers or whatever.

 The famous embossed McCoy logo.

April 17, 2012

This Asian inspired teapot it is an art piece, I am not sure where I picked it up. Since I always visit local potters and art shows it was likely one of these. The hall mark from the artist is difficult to read. It seems to have a salt glaze.

A group photo, all posed and pretty. The Chippendale-style armoire was inherited from Husbands Grandmother via his Mother. It is very special to me. I replaced the books that held residence here for 50 years with tea pots.
May 15, 2012

A stylized rose pattern with some little yellow flowers here and there, these pieces are fine bone china, a Laura Ashley pattern, when the Laura Ashley patterns were indeed drawn by Laura Ashley.

June 4, 2012
Westereld Pottery. Cranberry glaze, beautiful. Holds heat very well.

 June 12, 2012. A gift from my Mother during down-sizing. This shabby chic teapot and bowl now live with me. Part of a collection of a lifetime.

The matching bowl will stay with its teapot, I just need to find the correct place.

Salt Glazed Hand Thrown Pottery lidded jug. Made Penn Ave. Pottery. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

 January 11, 2015

Talk about a lapse! As I was making my tea this noon I realized that it has been a while since I shared the collection. So here we go. This little white pot with the cherry decals is very, very special to me. A birthday gift from a dear friend several years ago it is a two cup + cup wonder. It has been used much and has developed some little cracks, that worries me. I let the water cool a bit before I pour.