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“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.” — RALPH WALDO EMERSON

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Random Thoughts..................... I'm not really back yet, just thinking out loud.

Like falling water, life goes on. Sadly, without a gentle man who has been the one behind the scenes. The one who kept the boat afloat. He was a life partner to cousin. He did it all. While we (the family) attempt to re-define roles and look for answers he is now at rest. God Bless this Man.

 This is such a special place. It is beautiful, peaceful and almost a religious experience if you can get there on a week day when the crowds are small. I spend a lot of time here. I am the  Backyard  Botanist  who enjoys the fruits of the labor of others. I talked to a man that day who carried a plastic bucket with little scissors and spades inside, a plastic milk carton with the top cut off and a couple little stakes. No gloves. On the wall beside the bucket was an extra large mocha grande wearing its cardboard collar. I want this job. The quiet man who has a serious hearing disability explained his work to me. He constantly walks up one side and down the other side of the Cloister garden and looks out for invading insects and/or pop-up weeds among the beautifully groomed flowers.  He touches the leaves on the plants, examines their undersides...white fly is always a threat in this environment. Up one side, down the other. A different plant monitor works on the interior gardens...the ones over a wall and sunken in the room. That would work for me.

Sometimes a girl just needs some fabric therapy. I went there for some white linen, I did get that, but found myself in the stacks looking at jersey knits, poly-span silkies and fleece. I know, fleece. I touched and held it up to the light, I folded it back and returned it to the rack and moved on. It was fun, the security cameras likely were on full tilt wondering how I was going to manage to get that out the door? Didn't buy it, don't need to own it, just look at it and touch it. Like in the old days when I really cared about such things. Garment fabric quality at Joann's has improved in quality I think, well at least at this store. I have way more than I will ever use but I have to tell you that middle black and white print in the middle of the bottom picture, well, there might be a go-back for that one.
Spring bearded tulips, these aren't mine. Mine are buried under 10 inches of newly fallen snow. First day of Spring, snow, lots of really wet and heavy snow. Hold me down.
  • sometimes free association thoughts make more sense than those ordered lists of to-do's
  • one more session for the fish fry at church. 400 lbs of those beauties are defrosting as we speak. I checked them tonight, are there any fish left in the sea?
  • I'm not clever, I don't want to be clever, I want to be the one moving slowly through the day smelling the flowers, appreciating the beauty of nature and being thankful for what I have. I want my own little bucket with scissors and spades and a large regular coffee, a little cream too please.  

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