Sunday, September 10, 2017

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As I write this I am working on the crochet blanket, watching the Season Premiere of Outlander and thinking about and praying for my first room mate from nursing school. She is a dedicated fan of the show and right now, as we speak, Irma is hitting her home in Florida.

I have so many friends all over the state of Florida and this storm is a monster. My thoughts and prayers to all. Old friends and new, all strong people, waiting to get back to their lives. 

I spent the day cooking and baking, not what I usually do on a Sunday. Saturday is normally my baking day but the schedule become crowded this week with one thing and another.

Baking bread today. Friends with struggles need home made bread. It soothes the soul I am told.

I make a dessert on Sundays, a cake, a pie, a pudding. A hold over from childhood, the Sunday Cake was always a treat, a tradition from my Grandmother. The blog was named for her. While she did no needlework that I ever saw, she was a pioneer of independence and creativity. She raised her own children, my Mother (a step child) and an orphan or two. She was an accomplished pianist, she was the wife, secretary, driver and support system for a rather headstrong minister. He had three churches at one time, she was the one who kept things running smoothly. Her idea of a good Sunday meal was cake and ice cream. And that was all we had when visiting, cake and ice cream. That's it, she was not a cook either!💓

In conclusion, please forgive my rambling. Once this storm has passed I will try to improve my focus.


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