Sunday, August 20, 2017

What Do You Do With All That Rosemary?

My china closet that houses only the Polish Pottery collection, well, some of it. That little space below the hutch is not much good for anything so I tucked an antique wooden dough bowl in there and filled it with Rosemary Springs. The Redware lamb and bird came from a pottery in eastern Pa. I will have to research the name if you are interested. 

If you grow Herbs you know that by this time of year your precious little herb beds are over flowing with abundant stems. After gathering and sharing one is usually looking at the remainder with one question....what can I do with this? While I like scant Rosemary flavoring in my roasted meats and fowl, too much tends to overwhelm the roast to me. So, even though I grow more than I will likely use on the culinary front I have been searching for other uses. In a "crafty" moment in Sewtopia I have discovered some great uses on the blog On Sutton Place. Ann Drake is the Author of On Sutton Place, meet her here.
Rosemary, fragrant and abundant this season.

One of the first projects that caught my eye was this sweet little wreath. Ann's wreath is round, mine is oval but the premise is the same. Just tucking the Fresh Cut Rosemary (it is pliable when fresh cut) and tucking the hard stems into the grapevine wreath makes an aromatic decoration piece for Fall.   You may need a touch of glue to secure your little bundles. I am having hot glue gun flashbacks,.... give me a minute please  (🤒 ) 

Here is my wreath. I simply tuck the stems of the Rosemary in between the layers of vine, no glue. They dry there with no problem.
I added a clove studded dried pear and orange here as well. The kitchen smells marvelous, just marvelous. 
I always put down some newspaper when working with aromatic herbs. Rosemary in particular has a bit of oil that can smudge up the finish on a varnished surface. 
  • My week off didn't go very well. We packed up Mondo on Monday and headed to Gettysburg. Lucy was starting to get restless about 3/4 of the way there. We stopped for a break and when I took her out she collapsed. She perked up later and seemed OK. In the morning after waking she had a seizure. We packed up and headed back home right away and had an appointment with the vet at 5:30 pm. She was unable to walk, she was gasping for breath, she left us at 5:45. It was awful, it still is awful and now doing this and sewing etc., without her by my side, is a reality that I knew would soon arrive but I don't care, I hate it. She was the most wonderful dog I have ever known and I have known many great dogs. 
  • So please bear with me for a while, I am feeling sorry for myself and I Love Lucy. Always will. 

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