Monday, August 7, 2017

Waste Not-Want Not: The String Scrap Table Mat

A few weeks ago I showed a scrap-user table mat here. It was a stitch and flip piece using up 1 1/2 inch strips I found left over from another project. I grabbed a piece of warm and natural batting scrap and set to adding the strips as I uncovered them in a little drawer. I hate wasting fabric and I did need a new little mat for this table. (Original Post Here: Little Pieces, Strings and Things.)

 A few weeks ago someone placed a hot something right on the butcher block wood and a lovely white mark resulted. This table is not special, not an antique or anything but it is important to my kitchen and I don't want it to look shabby. It has leaves on each side that draw up and add about 20 inches to the length when fully extended. BTW, the toothpaste and soft cloth does work to remove the mark. yeah!

You have seen the tea pot in a prior post I think. It is a hand thrown piece from Penn Pottery, Pittsburgh, Pa. One of my favorite pottery haunts.

The lid, while quite artistic does not have a lift knob or a rim lock inside so care must be taken during the pour.
The applied handle is just right for my hand. The decoration of the pot is modern but not over-the-top. I think it has an amazing rustic quality and the colors are me. All the way. Stonewear makes great tea and coffee pots. I preheat the pot before the pour with hot tap water for about 5 minutes to avoid temperature shock. No lead has been used so it is actually food and microwave safe. 
OK, back to the mat which is what this is supposed to be about 💘
Since I had a nice flat surface I decided to work some of the decorative stitches as quilting lines, a sampler of sorts!
 You will notice that I sort of hacked off the left edge...a bit.......(lesson learned, do not use a rotary cutter after pain medication!)
 Is that the most beautiful feather stitch or what?
 The embroidery thread is Exquisite in some kind of green.
 I also found a length of black binding left over from a wall hanging project last fall.

 So here is the interesting part of the decorative stitch department. Since I stitched this through two layers of fabric and one layer of cotton batting I see a glitch. Some of that green thread is being pulled to the back. This means I should have tested the stitches on a scrap layer and adjusted the top tension a bit. File this away for future information. On one or two layers of fabric or one layer of fabric and a stabilizer this doesn't happen. Add the batting and bingo, tension issues. None of this is visible from the front however. If you have this happen you might also consider using matching thread in the top and bobbin rather than play around with tensions. 
That binding is about 1/2 inch, its a snuggie😂 I only had about 3 inches left over.
  • I am happy when I can use up left over fabric scraps and batting pieces. FYI, I found more, in a project box of this same fabric. Mmmmmmm, It is Kansas Troubles by the way, name unknown.
  •  I like to practice the many decorative stitches on my machine when I can. I keep these pieces like a living sample book. Two birds with one stone so to speak. Have you noticed the injection of platitudes in this post? 
  • Now....what to do with the rest of these strips? I already have an idea, stay tuned. 
  • I am getting anxious to dec the halls with the Fall colors. I know, I know, don't rush the season Summer will be over in a blink but Fall......beautiful Fall.......with all those amazing colors!


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