Saturday, July 8, 2017

Well, I Never.....Did a Leader-Ender Project Before

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 Image result for rail fence quilts

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 Good Morning Sewists! Hope this finds you healthy and happy and enjoying our wonderful Summer. That said, let me explain the post title. Since I have been following the very talented Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville Quips and Snips blog, I have been so impressed with what this talented designer can do with scrap fabrics. In addition to writing books and magazine articles, she travels this country teaching at Guilds and quilt related businesses. 

Each year she has a "Leader-Ender" project. By using pre-cut fabric to start and stop each line of chain sewing, she is able to construct a second quilt while working on her main project. The last couple years I have also seen those who follow her post their projects on her Facebook page. I might be catching the bug because this years project is pretty easy. It is a Rail Fence pattern. I haven't made one of these for a long time. I might be able to get on board with this project. 

The instructions are very flexible depending on what colors you want, the size block you want etc. I am going to mine the scrap box but I think I might have enough 2 1/2 inch strips to start. Mine will be scrappy for sure using up what I have. You can make a three, four, or five rail block or what ever strikes your fancy.  Just click one of the links below to get the whole story.

Bonnie Hunter's "Leader-Ender" Project for 2017 

Learning about Leader Enders

  • While the rail fence quilt is not a complicated work doing it as I go along as a second project might not work but I am going to give it a spin!
  • Bonnie recommends that you cut all your scraps to size before you begin. That way everything is at hand and you will be able to use the leader-ender "scrap" right away. No need to stop and search and cut more strips. 
  • She also suggests that the Sewist keep all the elements of this project in a portable basket or box so that they are handy and moveable. She travels between two residences and travels all over taking her project with her. She is very productive, it must work for her. I sew mostly between two places so I think it will work for me. Since I already keep projects portable that should work. 
  • Using a Leader fabric is a hold over from vintage machines for me. Quite frankly, the newer machines do not usually eat fabrics the way the old ones do. I sometimes sew on my Featherweight, a real mucher that one! The Singer Rockateer has a bit of a bite as well. 
  • all photo's Google Images!

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