Saturday, June 17, 2017

Little Pieces, Strings and Things

I found a little collection of 1 1/2 inch strips left over from another project. I want to use them and I need to practice working with the Westalee Quilting Templates and Rulers I picked up at a class a couple months ago. I really don't want a pile of samples sitting around, I want a finished piece to use. So, I had a thought.

I have also been reading one of Bonnie Hunter's String Quilt books and had an idea. A morphed idea, of course, but an idea. Quite frankly, that is sort of a big deal these idea I mean.

Using a strip of warm and natural batting left over from something else I started a stitch and flip runner. When I fill up the batting, that will be the final size. Not re-inventing the wheel, I know, but this will be the base for testing out the templates.   

A video with an example of how to use the Westalee Ruler.

Have you ever considered doing something like this? Now that I am retired from nursing my excuse can be the same but I can't clean, cook or iron! Someone order Pizza!
  • I took a class about a year ago where the instructor felt it was acceptable to stitch and just finger press the seam. No iron involved. Shall I just say (for me at least) wrong, wrong, wrong. There is no rescue for that project that cost about $50. I press, I always press.....even the lowly scrappy string blocks 😌
  • Scrap management. I am getting to the point where I am going to have to get serious about that or pack them up for the Guild flea market in 2018. I have great plans, not so much good time. 
  • I hesitate to toss decent size pieces of batting. Anything from 4-6 inches can be used in many ways including shredding them up for fillings for pincushions, stuffed critters etc. Hubs has started calling me a hoarder! I think I am being practical and efficient. What does he know? 
So, about the "things" portion of the title... we all have those plastic/acrylic rulers and outer skin of our sewing machines. Keeping them clean and functional is so important. I keep all my machines covered when not in use. Using a lot of pre-cuts also adds another level of lint so careful cleaning of machine and bobbin case is very important. But, I can't remember ever cleaning a ruler or a template. This article deals with some of all our cleaning issues in the sewing studio. Miss Sew-it-all shares her experience. Just click the link. 

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