Monday, March 20, 2017

On the Agenda

So, here is the current line up. I am not sure what I will work on first but for this one I will need to do some major research. It is Redwork. Now I have done lots of Redwork by hand. Love it, meditative, soothes the soul I say. I am not sure what I will do with this design set but I am thinking I need some perky new pillows for my bedroom. I transferred the designs to USB but haven't read the tutorial yet. 

This is the back of the CD case. As you can see the heart is a central design and there are borders and elements to enhance it. The heart come in four separate hoopings. Yes, four. Matching up all those design lines is going to drive me nuts, just so you know. It is beyond my skill set so practice will be required, and reading, and research, and good thoughts. 

With Wedding and Bridal Shower season looming I have unearthed this sweetie. For Days of the Week kitchen towels, this one is destined. It is so darn cute but I think not likely a style for the modern bride. Perhaps for someone around my age. It has a totally vintage appeal. Now to find the right towels. I want cotton/linen without any other markings. Preferably, white or off--white even a shallow waffle style will do. I did find some from online retailers but I heard about another source that I will need to investigate.

Here is the whole collection.

I often use a large magnitic hoop when stitching out designs that are not too dense or stitch heavy. I use a sticky stabilizer or something like this light-weight no show for napped fabrics. I have discovered that the slide arm on my hoops tends to seem dry and resistant to move when mounted on the embroidery arm. I have a solution.

This polish came with my acrylic extension table. It is supposed to help keep your table smooth and therefore moving fabric along that much easier. It comes with that itty-bitty 2 inch square (can you spare it) piece of terry cloth to apply. You only need a little bit. I take the residual of what is on the terry cloth and wipe it along the plastic rib that feeds into the embroidery arm. Perfect. No more drag!
  • I attended a little class on free motion quilting and using rulers and templates. I just love how easy it all looks when the pro's are doing it! I'll be sharing that soon. 
  • The best thing about attending classes is meeting up with old sewing friends and making new ones. 
  • Learning, testing, stretching our creative muscles is essential at any age but as we enter our retirement years there is nothing better. We have time now, time to enjoy the process. We want to be with like minded souls to enhance our lives and any creative pursuit helps us attain that. 
  • 1974 Rock Your Baby-George McCrae

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Jeanneke said...

Thanks for the 'Rock your baby' song, dear friend! Sweet memories of my so much younger than today years...

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