Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday, Monday: Random Thoughts, am I a Bit Fussy?

I've quilted 13  or so quilts on this machine and free motion is the standard. Straight line quilting, not so much.

While preparing dinner yesterday I glanced out the window over the kitchen sink toward my herb beds. We have had a mild Winter but I was surprised to see Dandelion's in bloom. Really! I am confused. (I would have taken a picture but its raining.)

I had a visitor to the studio today. It is always interesting to see how people respond to my unbelievably cluttered space. I have three quilts in progress, two have been hanging around for a while and deserve to be finished but I am worried about the dandelions! Not really.  Not knowing this lady well I was pleased to know that she has plans to make her first quilt. She has a machine to piece and wanted to use my long arm or the Destiny to quilt. W-e-l-l, I don't know.  First off the Destiny is off limits to everyone. That has been the rule and I am not ready to change. That said, the long arm will be interesting because there is a learning curve there but I will try to teach as best I can. She wants to straight line quilt her project, that is really hard for me on this machine. Not sure it will work. 

She is understandably concerned about the throat size on her machine. This one has 16 inches clearance and works well for me.  I want this to be a positive experience and not a frustrating debacle. The quickest way to lose a future quilter is to have poorly functioning equipment.

I will keep you posted, you know I am pretty fussy about my machines..............................

  • Do you teach, like this, in a one to one set up?
  • I feel an obligation to help anyone I can, to support the continuation of quilting.
  • Do you let other people use your machines? I don't want to be too fussy but I name these things, we spend lots of time together, they are my friends.
  • I know they are sturdy and can take lots of use but like I said, I am a bit fussy. 
  • In prior situations I required the learner to have their own machine in working order. We will see.

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