Monday, November 28, 2016

Cozy Laura Ashley

From Laura Ashley, USA. here. Remember the big presence of Laura Ashley here in the 1980's? We had a small shop in Pittsburgh that would draw me in over and over. I didn't buy much because my clothing was mostly white uniforms but the bedding, curtains, pillows etc. were enchanting. I even had a Tote bag, quilted, with a signature pattern. (still have it)  

I will be having a bedroom re-do in the near future. I have been scanning many decor sites and this one just popped up. Now, there will not likely be any wall paper but these colors are so enchanting and restful to my eye. What do you think?

I will be sewing my drapery and pillows etc. But I like the minty blue-green colors. Just a thought, still in the early planning stages.A well dressed room is the goal. Calm and inviting, a place to ponder many things. Such as:
  • I swore I was going to get over the lack of proper dress in public but I just can't.
  • I saw someone today with the most outrageous display of dress that I think I have ever seen. Not a teen, not a child, a mature woman of a certain size in a neon-green T shirt that ended at her knees covered with vulgar statements in black script. Add the hat with plastic flowers and fake jewels...I was choking on my coffee. Mostly I felt sorry for her. I was not the only person aghast in a restaurant full of men in hunting gear and young women in yoga clothing. It was too much I tell you, too much.
  • I had just viewed a podcast by author Jennifer Scott of the Madame Chic book fame and marveled at this young woman's grasp on dress, decorum, and refinement. She was in Tokyo, for work, and had taken her infant son with her because she is breast feeding. She is the epitome of grace. She remarked over and over how beautifully turned out the Japanese public is. No exercise clothes in public, everyone appropriate for public view. How do we return to some semblance of proper in the US? How can we turn the tide of the progressively downward decline of our culture? Jennifer's home page.
  • I loose sleep over this stuff.  
 *****tea time post delayed, two camera's=two dead batteries, sorry.


Val said...

I am curious about your comment about yoga clothing in restaurants. The studio I go to issmall with a very limited changing area so I often stop after class to get coffee in the coffee shop that is just down the street. My yoga clothes are clean and not too tight nor are they revealing as I am 60 years old. Are you saying g I shouldn't stop in a restaurant?

celkalee said...

First, thank you for your comment. Should you not stop for your coffee because you are wearing yoga clothes? As long as your attire is clean and appropriate I see absolutely no reason why that is not acceptable. I should have been more clear in my comment. My discomfort (admittedly a personal observation from someone born and raised to be properly dressed in public) is relegated to the skin baring, body revealing attire I have seen here. In the incident sited, there were several young-ish ladies in very, very skimpy revealing attire in a sit down restaurant filled with men in from hunting.

I have seen some ladies leaving a studio just feet from this particular restaurant don little skimming shifts over their yoga clothes. Because the clothing needs to be fitted (usually 2-15 % spandex) for comfort and safety during exercise it is naturally body hugging. In addition, different geographic areas of the country are more casual than others. In any case, congrats to you for maintaining your health through yoga. Since 60 is the new 40 we owe it to ourselves to be the best person we can be. Have a great day.

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