Saturday, October 22, 2016

A Good Life

 A Good Life. I have recently read several articles on line and in books about ..."living the good life." While we each define what that means to us, it always includes the beauty of nature to me. Always. I live by the seasons and define my day by the weather. Sound a little odd? I think I am not alone. 

My needlework is a huge part of my life and am thrilled to have the ability and opportunity to work at it. Inspiration for that work takes many paths. Again I am at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh. It is such an uplifting experience for me to see all the neat and well manicured venue's while mine are in total disarray!

How can one not be inspired by the amazing work of Dale Chihuly?   Tucked away in plantings here and there, these glass sculptures are the epitome of creativity and artistic interpretation.

I will be on the search for this one for next year, it is stunning. I wonder if it is Deer Proof! All my plantings, all my flowers including Roses have been decimated by the herd. It is absolutely unnerving.

Little excursions like this are to remind me that a good life doesn’t just happen.   It takes planning… I have to be intentional.  In our busy lives planning and organization provides the time we need to accomplish our goals. A good life takes more work.   It takes intention. As we progress into the Fall season our weather has now become cooler, it now feels like Fall :) And Fall brings me back to some yarn work. Hopefully I will soon have something to show you. Too many life events and not enough time!

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