Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The First September Tea Time Tuesday

Three p.m. tea time, a warm and sunny Pennsylvania September day. I've waited for a day like this one for what seems like months. Our Summer was hot and sticky. Time outdoors, particularly drinking hot tea, was quite limited. A few moments to relax and reflect, to plan and organize the next project is time well spent.  My favorite little silver tray, the little Polish Pottery Tea pot and Lady Mug are once again in service.

No time for lunch today, sorting and planning for a busy September schedule, my calendar is filling quickly. A simple egg salad sandwich will tide me over until dinner. The little salad plate, Vintage blue depression glass is from family collection. 

The current project under consideration is by Jan Patek. Flags of the American Revolution. I have seen a few of these blocks on internet quilting sites and it subsequently became an  idea sparking around in my wee head for the Winter. In this book there are photo's, history and patterns for making one or two of the blocks or all of them for a quilt. An intensive project, it is the hallmark of a Red, White and Blue. The Fall cleaning and packing away of the Summer quilts has reminded me that another one needs to be researched for next Summer.
  • I plan to have more scheduled Tea Times. I need a brief time out now and then to gather my thoughts. It is calming and kind for the soul.
  •  I am quite taken with the little blocks of this quilt. I may adapt them to machine construction, need to think about that.
  • If you are interested, the book is available from the publisher Kansas Star Quilts (.com) and Amazon.    

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