Friday, September 16, 2016

As The Last Week-end of Summer.......

Here are Dowager Countess's best quotes in Downton Abbey:
It's one of those moments when it is so hard to keep quiet. I may have this made into business cards to hand out when necessary.

It's true, it is the last week-end of Summer. And of course, the Dowager doesn't really understand the concept of week-end, but the rest of us know that that end of the week days are special. I am not sure where Summer went....and now half of September is history. The result of a busy life, time is relative to the work of the day. 

So, embrace this last week-end. Plan something special, plan your Winter projects, consider a new needle art that you can work in-hand in the evenings when the dark approaches at 4 pm. (Yikes)  

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