Sunday, August 21, 2016

Today We are Cutting Squares, Part I

The Glorious Gardenia, my favorite.

Good morning Sewists.
I think the bovine question of the day is ".....what are we working on? Could we think about working on squares?
We would really like to work on squares...We like these squares, OK?"

I have changed my mind about a lay-out for all those nine patch blocks. I want to alternate each block with a white square that has some machine embroidery. I have played with to-size embroidery at an event last year but didn't care for the fabric in the kit so I passed it on to a friend. She liked it. But I like the concept. I finished 12 blocks but it just was not me. I didn't even take pictures of them. Sad but true.

Onward. Using the Accuquilt Go cutter and the 6 1/2 inch die, I was able to make short work of the cutting process. I have 85 9 patch blocks and cut the same number plus a few extras for the alternate blocks.  I am not sure about borders yet so I need to ponder that part. It will probably take longer to embroider the white blocks that I considered but that is the plan. I may use an open design and quilt the nine patches with that too. Need to consider all the options, because this was to be a simple nine patch quilt. Right.
I have ooodles of white squares, I used the cutter for the 61/2 squares and now I have 3 1/2 strips that just need a single cut. Great for making cornerstones, blocks in Jelly Rolls etc.
I even trimmed the 9 patch blocks to 6 1/2 inches on the Accuquilt Go! Line up the seams and go. Very efficient, 4 at a time!
A couple rows done while the embroidery machine works.

  • I will likely use a light weight tear away stabilizer for this process. That is what we used at the event last fall and it worked very well. Then you just spend a few hours tearing away the stabilizer while watching Masterpiece Mystery! *tearing the stabilizer on this fabric was a bit of a nightmare...stitches strained, some actually torn out. No.I will likely do the embroidery AFTER basting.
  • I will test a white block with and without an interfacing. Sometimes the embroidery is too heavy for the fabric. I test, test, test before I proceed. *my testing proved correct, the fabric (a Moda solid cotton)  is not heavy enough for that type of work.
  • I called the dealer and got an answer to my issue with the fitting of the embroidery unit. I was told that because the unit is large and heavy it sometimes takes two people to connect the two pieces at first. The surface needs to be absolutely flat. It is. If that doesn't work bring it in. Okey Dokey......Oh Husband.....bring thyself here!!!! It Worked, we are good to go!
  • I have been re-watching the Downton Abbey Series via Amazon streaming service. This is the original UK version. I haven't seen any obvious differences yet, but going back to the first season has been great fun. I already know the story line (ha) and now I can study the fashions and decor of the house very closely. I am watching it on a tablet beside my sewing machine. Good times.
  • Back to joining the blocks into rows. It is very traditional and that works just fine.   

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ELMO said...

It looks lovely, can't wait to see the embroidery

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