Sunday, August 14, 2016

She Knows How To Play the Coronet

We're talking quilting again Sewists. Our Terri, of The Ladies of the Cloth fame, just finished quilting her first quilt on her new machine, The Baby Lock Coronet.
In recent years machine quilting has taken the traditional style of hand-quilting for a bit of a ride. First with domestic machines and now with home-based long arms. While many of us still do some hand quilting, just as many if not more have adopted the quicker method of machine quilting.  It is fun, fast and creates beautiful finished tops in a fraction of the time it takes to hand-quilt a piece.

I still have my beautiful Grace hand-quilting frame. It is large and Husband keeps hinting that it needs to go but I continue to resist. My long-term plan is to set it up in the Master Bedroom when I rearrange some furniture. Mmmmmm.

Since moving onto my sit down long arm I have not looked back. I can work so much faster. I have used the machine enough to return to my efficient quilting methods now that I am using the "skewer" method of basting. (Skewer Basting by Amalie Scott Designs, a U Tube Video)  
I have a little stack waiting for their thread as we speak. A few.

So anyway, Terri has done a great job for her first attempt at long arm free-motion quilting! Can you see the floral design?
So cute! Can't wait to see what she does next. Terri is talented on so many levels. This just proves that the creative spirit does not need to be limited. Terri has only been quilting for 2 years!

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