Friday, July 22, 2016

This Humidity is Kill'in the 'Do!

Not much of an stretch, really!
I have the Summer droops, doing nothing, feels sort of good but there is a little guilt.
Not much, just a little.
I hurt my foot, couple weeks ago, now it really hurts. I need one more ache, one more pain. It's my sewing pedal foot too. Every time I step on the pedal, ripppppppppppp! 
That's all folks!


Robin said...

Hahaha--I'm feeling you...I don't air in my van and the heat and humidity is bad... don't feel like doing anything. Take care of yourself.

celkalee said...

Seriously, it is 95 degrees here with 73% humidity, even the bugs are drooping. Thanks for your comment, I am glad to know I am not alone!

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