Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Early Summer Garden

My Gardenia Tree is loaded with magnificent blossoms. Being anywhere near this beauty transports me to a Victorian  Tea House. Such a special flower the Gardenia is named Loraine.

I am in love with gardening. Watching plants sprout and reach for the sun, seeing my herbs reach their full potential reminds me of the simple life that I prefer. After years and years of working in a very public environment, my plans for retirement have materialized and I am content, happy even.
Sweet Basil, one of 6 plants is coming into full bloom. One of my favorite moments is in the early morning and early evening my gardening chores provide me with a scent explosion. Pulling weeds, watering and just walking around the beds, brushing against the plants, releases their glorious individual scents. 
Watching the wildlife in my world nibble the wild blackberries and hop or fly from one edible plant to another gives me a sense of peace in a troubled world. A baby fawn in spots and her Mum teetered on the steep hill behind the house this morning as I enjoyed my coffee on the back porch, oblivious to me. With acres and acres of edible greens they prefer the tender nubs sprouting from newly trimmed underbrush. And my hosta. 
The name of this hot pepper is Rocket. It is a little hot!
Each year my garden shrinks. I now grow for daily use rather than "putting up" for the Winter ahead. I will can/preserve some excess but mostly I use and share.
A bumper crop of zucchini is in the works!
One of several types of parsley.


Jeanneke said...

Such a happy, content and joyful post! Thanks for sharing.
Blessings and love,


celkalee said...

Always searching for peace and calm amid the chaos of the world. Joy to you dear Friend.

ELMO said...

Wow, this is an impressive harvest. It's been so hot here, the grass is hay, and I do everything I can to keep the trees I planted hydrated.

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