Friday, July 29, 2016

Sewing Advice: seen on Facebook!

In three days of "cooler weather" these two herb beds exploded...literally!
I am searching for that weather person who chuckled this morning saying ..."we have a cool down today, maybe a scattered thunder shower." Idiot. 15 minutes outside and I am frizzed up, sweaty and in ill humor. Therefore, a break, a cool drink, a heating pad on my aching back (darn weeds) and a quick Facebook search.  

This is a corrupted (read humorous) compilation of sewing tips for the housewife excerpted from Singer Sewing Machine handbook written by Mary Brooks Pickens.CT-Sewing-Advice-Then-&-Now
I like the whole Finishing Friday concepts one reads about on sewing and quilting blogs where those amazing ladies finish their projects every week. Really? How does that happen? The only thing finished this Friday is ME!

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