Monday, July 4, 2016

Building a New Face for Sewtopia

“Nothing was so likely to do her good as a little quiet cheerfulness at home.” 
~Jane Austen
Gardenia, my continuing passion with past memories include this flower. Returning to the quiet and peace of an ordered home is the key to a focused life. Now, I am no Jane Austen but remembering certain elements of my history has provided me with some direction for this blog. 
A great year for Roses! Our mild winter was kind to my flowering plants. 

In the long view, I suppose this really isn't a new face for Sewtopia but essentially a return to the original premise. The task is mine of course. I want to share my work, the work of my friends and the work that I find here and there that I feel my readers would appreciate. Like mostly everyone I know, life is multi-dimensional and occasionally complicated. I need to focus on probably three posts per week. Now we all know that I have tried that in the past but then I find great stuff and get carried away. This time, my motivation is different so I hope that I can be more comprehensive in my approach. That said, simple changes have resulted in some interesting facts. While I am not one to study blog statistics I did do some tracking with the recent format change.  Changing the opening page to a tiled format has created some very interesting statistical results. I plan to leave that alone for a while. 

Categories keep me organized. 
  1. Quilting: this will always be the first chapter here. I have much to share in this category. Encompassing hand and machine work, quilting is a broad package here.
  2.  Sewing and other needle arts:  this includes knitting, crochet, cross stitch, garment making and crafts. Since I dabble in all these needle arts, they also have their place. 
  3. Home and Garden: this catch-all grouping can be just about anything from house plants to herbs or decor to declutter. Loosely defined, this group will attempt to gather helpful information for all who care for a home and family. Simply. 
Have a happy and safe Independence Day Sewtopians!

For organizing files I will try to remember to use the category label and year to define the new format from the old. 

A recent newsletter from All People Quilt provided a comprehensive guide for the Sewist who travels, attends retreats or works away from the normal stitching location. 

ps: after only a little consideration I have decided to remain unsponsored. This week has been interesting (statistically) but my goal is to simplify not complicate this process. So there you have the story. Now, onto more interesting things, yes?


celkalee said...

Sewtopia, refocused!

ELMO said...

Happy 4th of July, your gardenia reminds me of the Chanel flowers, for a moment I thought, perhaps she is sewing a Chanel jacket :)

celkalee said...

Well, dear friend, you thought wrong! Did that in the early 90's and it was a great make even with my shortcuts but right now I am sticking to the simple stuff. Hope your 4th was a good one too. We are dealing with a stupid neighbor shooting rockets over my house and into the wooded area close more and I am getting involved!!!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful flowers and I think many of us have multiple interests.....I know I do!

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