Sunday, June 26, 2016

Lets Talk About Red, White, and Blue and a Week Off or Two!

 Much like Red and Green for Christmas, Red, White and Blue signify The Fourth of July Holiday in the USA. I only have two larger RWB quilts and a small one or two but I think I may be in the minority. As I scan the blogs I see amazing collections of large and small quilts to commemorate the birth of our Nation. I need to consider adding to the collection probably a little earlier than the week before the holiday, yes?

On that brilliant note I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July. In addition, I wanted to let my readers know I need to take some time off but I will be working on a few things during this unplugged time. I have the urge to avoid electronics for a while. There is a lot going on in the studio and hope to have some nice new projects to share after the Holiday Week. The garden is going strong and I have lots to do there as well. May your time be content and productive, what more could you want? 
Kathy Tracy, A Sentimental Quilter a professional quilter with a passion for red, white and blue!

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