Monday, June 20, 2016

Celebrating the Artist-Dyeing Fabric, Marbelizing

I had a great time studying her examples, I could not choose a favorite.
Again, our Jenny (Ladies of the Cloth) is stretching her little wings dyeing fabric again. This time she took a class in the marbelizing technique. I will let you look at all these examples and just enjoy the techniques that she is learning.
Seriously, how can you choose?
Look closely and the areas where the texture has been manipulated with great care. So impressed.
A different colorway, this piece of silk was the favorite of many in the group.

These three pieces are Kona cotton. Can you imagine using these in a quilt?
The finale....beautiful bubbles.

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ELMO said...

Wow, that's it I'm selling my place and moving next door. You and yours are up to all sorts of fun, I love the marbelized fabrics.

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