Friday, April 8, 2016

Compare and Contrast, Traditional and Modern Quilt Styles

As we see quilting become more and more popular as a hobby, a passion, a decorating style, it is clearly evolving. I have mentioned before that traditional style quilts are just as popular as they have been for years. Fabric choices range from Civil War prints to stylized floral patterns and each makes a stunning presentation in the traditional style. Enter the young quilters. The market absolutely exploded a few years ago when the infusion of young artists latched onto the passion of quilting. Their enthusiasm and design knowledge has had such a wonderful influence on the traditionalists. The combination of styles has resulted in a range of styles that encompasses both genre beautifully. 

First, let me apologize to Karen for the quality of this photo. I promise to take a much better one after it is quilted. Promise because this quilt is beautiful in person. A modern design and complimentary fabrics make it perfect for any use. From lap quilt to wall hanging, it has just the right amount of contrast to make each of the fabrics pop. The center block is 4 inches and each surrounding strip is 2 1/2 inches. This quilt could be converted easily to pre-cuts.

The  pattern is Diamond Mine – from Cozy Quilt Designs
The fabrics were “Juggling Summer” by Brigitte Heitland for Zen Chic for Moda fabrics

The Traditional Quilts are close to my heart. Husband's Grandmother introduced me to quilting and the joys of piecing and quilting at a comfortable pace to create cherished family pieces. I have many of them. I cherish them. I machine piece and mostly machine quilt, that is my nod to modern quilting.

And here we see a very traditional pattern made by our Rose using scrap fabrics. Predominately reds, blues and whites (of a sort) to create a lovely quilt that will be so appreciated when it is gifted. I see many traditional and antique quilts in homes and shops. They are always charming and wonderfully comfortable. I will always cherish traditional patterns. 

The Ladies of the Cloth always provide great inspiration. Have a lovely and productive weekend no matter what your style. Toodles!

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