Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Lapsed Blogger Makes Excuses

All right then, I have to admit...I am a bad, bad blogger. I have been trying to get some work done but guess what? Not a whole lot thread-wise happening in Sewtopia. Not for lack of trying. Spring clean up work, (weeds are already ahead of me, oh the bane of living in the woods!) a new water control system (that's what they call it now...I call them gutters!) dealing with Dementia, (please don't let me go there) and dog sitting while Dear Son travels for work has changed the routines. And we all know I depend on my routines to keep me productive.

Just to illustrate how behind I am, look closely at the above photo. Now look at the calendar. Those are Christmas tea cups, it is the end of April. Good grief, this has never, ever happened before. I am at a loss I tell you, at a loss.

The good news. It is Spring, I love, love, love Spring. Green and glorious, it fills in those empty spots in my soul. The warm air, the sweet smell of the world coming back to life. It is enchanting. A very dear friend sent me a copy of her first sonogram. We have a baby on the way. This is her fourth, her number 3 child passed last year, a baby.  It has been so difficult for her. We share many things. This is a glorious event. A blessed child.

It is supposed to rain here tomorrow. I can sew, I won't feel guilty for not being outside pulling weeds. Know what I mean? Hopefully, I will have something to share. It's all good. Right. 

*a little aside, I had the best cookie of my life tonight! Really. I have to get the recipe. It was a Pecan Tassie but not like I have ever had before and I live in Pecan Tassie land here. Remember that Pennsylvania  (particularly Western Pennsylvania) is the center of the earth for the cookie table that made big weddings famous. If you have never been to a big wedding here you need to find a way to wrangle an invite. Country Club or Fire Hall, the cookie table is center stage. The bride gets second billing! 

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