Monday, March 21, 2016

Wool Applique

as seen on Facebook!
Just when my well runs dry on one thing or another something like this pops up on my Facebook feed. I mean really, is this the cutest little thing or what?  I am having a re-surge in wool applique interest. In truth I have done little but enjoyed every minute. When I am hobbled (as I am right now) all the down time lets my wee brain run rampant.

I ordered a great book yesterday in the digital version from Amazon. I briefly flipped through last night while falling asleep. Hope to get to it tonight. I have sort of made a decision to limit the number of paper copy books I collect. This gives me the opportunity to scan the book to decide if I need another addition to the shelves. I am a book person so this is just a trial thing. It is this one:

In addition, one of my favorite bloggers is now offering small charm packs of pre-felted wool for your projects. It is a great way to have a decent color assortment without yardage coming out the ears. I've got yardage dears, lots of it but not much in the way of bright colors of felted wool. Lots of darker colors, more primitive style. I am going to sort my bins, make a list, check it twice and order some. You must check out her site if you have time. It is glorious with wool applique, needle punch, patterns etc. Meet Rose from Three Sheep Studio.

*****OK, so here's the deal. Got the digital version, lovely, well written etc. Accessing patterns is going to stink, Should have bought the hardcover, would have saved money. Live and learn. 


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