Sunday, January 3, 2016

Tea Time in Sewtopia

I try to not photograph strangers but this dear lady was admiring the sculpture at the click of the shutter. Another Dale Chilhuly piece.
 Tea Parties have become quite popular again as the result of Downton Abbey. I am having a private little event this day to commemorate the final season. It has become a ritual for me. I have read and heard about grand events in other homes. Not nearly as grand, mine will be simple and comfortable with a crackling fire while steeping my tea in the New Royal Albert pot that has just been waiting for use.  

Sunday's are usually a planning day for me, after Church we usually enjoy Brunch at a local restaurant that overlooks a waterway. Watching the seasons change and evolve brings a kind of peace knowing that some things do indeed stay the same. I spend some time confirming the weekly schedule, catching up with dear Friends and doing some hand held project or working on my knitting skills. I have learned to set this day aside for rest and contemplation. I will occasionally spend some time in the studio to ensure that I have the items I need for the weeks projects and if not list them and pick them up on my errand day, Tuesdays.

The Tea Party is part of that.
Source HERE: The Republic of Tea

Have a lovely and restful Sunday. The Holidays have passed, Christmas Decor gets lovingly packed away for next year on Monday in Sewtopia. What a job!

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