Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Tea Time Tuesday Post

A nice refreshing cuppa.
I tend to make too much tea in the afternoon pot. And wasting is not an option. One of my favorite little habits is to have my Prince of Wales on ice, with a twist while I am making dinner.  This loose tea is a light tea, a black tea. This time I had enough tea for a full glass with lemon. If I have a lime I sometimes add that. The glass in antique, paper thin, green Depression Glass. Of course, I have a little collection.  Often, if the tea has steeped to strong I will add a little sparkling water to zip it up.

Tea Time Tuesday, it's all good.


ELMO said...

I was just thinking I need a tea with very little caffeine to drink in the evening, this is a great idea.... I'm stealing :)

celkalee said...

Please do, steal away!

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