Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Patterns, The Wardrobe Project, 2016

Where is this month speeding off to? Any ideas? Each day seems full to the minute with projects, decorating and cooking. Are you surprised? No, me either. That said, we are coming closer to January 1, 2016 and the beginning of our year long project to build a core wardrobe.

As fun as this can be do not stress. There are no deadlines, just the ones you choose for your self. Don't get all caught up in the perfectionist process that many sewists embrace but at the same time strive for a quality product. I just want to state a few opinions now and I have no wish to offend. Based on practical information and experience I want each person to do their very best with each project. But, if you end up with a wadder, hide it, toss it, whatever you choose but do not be intimidated by that bias edge that is rippling all over the neckline. Either un-sew it and restitch it or toss it and move on.  Nothing will ever be perfect. Good enough is really not good enough, (well, not if you are going to go out in public :) but pretty darn good is a category that will be just right.

Jalie 2921released in 2009.  Still available here! In English and French.

My block one patterns are ones that have been languishing in a basket for far too long. I need to make transition season tops. By Winter's end I am really tired of sweaters and boring long sleeve t-shirts. (sort of my uniform) The weather is still pretty cool here so I need to cover my arms but not with sweater weight knits! I am going to give this Jalie top a spin. I am probably the last person on earth to finally make up this top. It is long sleeved, has a cute little v neck and bow tie, and can be dressed up or down.
Another planned item, Vogue 1275 a Sandra Betzina Today's Fit top. still available here. Envelope is dated 2011. I am looking at view A, not so keen on those shoulder ruffles.

A light jacket is probably my third make. I had considered this beauty by Claire Shaffer but I am not sure I will have the time or patience for that in this block, maybe in the Fall.
V8732, Misses' Jacket and Belt
This is my "maybe" still available as an OOP pattern here, $27.50.
 I would like a nice little 'suit-like' ensemble. Or I may lean to one of the wardrobe patterns for perfect piece. That is a stay tuned decision for my block two patterns. I can't think that far ahead, well, at least not until after the holidays.

Your assignment for this week:
  •  Choose your first pattern. It doesn't have to be a big tailored piece, just something that you can stitch up comfortably and finish. Consider what you will need in April, May and June. Consider your weather and your events. Choose to make this item in one of your neutrals, the dark or the light. Study your pattern, gather your tools and thread. You will be ready then set it all aside until the New Year. 
  • I have learned to keep my projects in flat sealed plastic storage boxes. They can be purchased  everywhere, I have a stack from Costco and some from Joann's. Once you have your pattern, fabric, notions etc. gathered put everything in there to keep order. This is a good work habit. Be as efficient as you can be with the time you have available to sew and plan.(My reference for this is Nancy Zieman's 10-20-30 Minutes to Sew. Photograph above.)
  •  One last very important point, we have discussed in an early post. Take new accurate measurements. No sense is fussing over a garment if it is not going to fit. 
*Blogger is giving me fits about transferring these posts to the other blog. Bear with me.

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