Monday, November 16, 2015

So Far Behind or So Far Ahead!!!

The other day I decided I best get a move on if I am going to make that little Mini-quilt for Thanksgiving to hang on the mini-quilt hanger that I bought at a quilt show two years ago. It has been hanging out, totally naked, in my studio since then. It seemed like a great idea at the time. You know how that goes.
So, I chose a cute little pumpkin pattern to embroider on the Babylock Unity. This is an Anitagood Design CD.
I chose to run the embroidery on a 10 inch square, without a cut away layer. I switched up the thread colors as well. (who has all those colors?) Here she is with the stabilizer removed, ready to be squared up and some borders added. I have to cut it down a bit so it will fit the darn little hanger.
I still have to read the book when I do these embroideries. So much time is lapsing between projects I forget what to do! Yeesh! Thread everywhere, other projects in piles and bins waiting for their moment in the sun. This is not a staged photo, it really is this bad. I have a quilt in progress, three projects from the retreat and a pile of Insulbrite for making potholders on top of that. Haven't started the pot holders yet but I am thinking really hard about it. 
 That's it. No borders, no binding. Stupid little hanger. It is too small to do much of anything other than frame a stamp or maybe plan ahead and make a smaller version of the pumpkin. Hindsight is brilliant!


Lilwren said...

Hi there,
I love to read Colette too, but really was interested in your comment on doing a seasonal wardrobe using the vogue articles of yore.... So I subscribed to follow along with you, thank you for sharing! I am also interested in how you assign your week- newly retired and trying to organize myself to accomplish projects in my stash and fold in the new ones that catch my eye--
This topic today made me laugh with self recognition, I have several projects being juggled; a shirt, a series of applique bench pillows, embroidery and beaded purse, knitted poncho... You get the idea, they all want their moment too-
Best wishes, and again, thanks for sharing your experience organizing and completing a seasonal wardrobe projectt-

ELMO said...

I like it, it is project number 1. I still have the first owl I ever cross stitched. It was a measure of how my technique improved over time. Your pumpkin is a milestone.

celkalee said...

Hi Lilwren! So glad you are joining in. Being newly retired is such a milestone. Learning how to use your time wisely but also learning to enjoy life in new ways, without the pressure of day to day employment. I am always trying to be better organized and I know, without any doubt, that I need to structure myself to accomplish garment goals. There are so many amazing Sewists out there who share and I hope I can help in some way to contribute to your sewing experience. Welcome!

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