Sunday, November 15, 2015

By Request, The Wardrobe Project 2016

A great book to start for beginners and intermediate sewists. Something for everyone and skill building.

Since Sewtopia is an all inclusive sewing blog (even though quilting seems to be predominate!) I thought it was time to start another project for the New Year. Yesterday, Sarai, of the divine Colette Blog and Colette Pattern Company asked the readers a very provocative question. How do you plan your sewing? On the surface it seems like a simple enough thought but reading the many comments following the post, one quickly sees that this is a big deal for those who sew their own clothing. Yes, it is. It involves time, planning, resources and equipment.

I am thinking it is time for me to revisit a plan that has served me well several times. Adapted from a Vogue Magazine Project from many years ago, I found a way to sew most of what I wanted to build a new wardrobe over time. And time, as we all know, is the issue for most of us.

By request, I will post the guidelines I have used. Feel free to copy and use them to your advantage. It will be well planned but not obsessive, I guarantee. Consider your lifestyle in planning.

For now you need to start the preliminary work so that when January 1, 2016  rolls around you will be ready to start. The planning is in phases and I wanted to put some ideas in your head.
  1.  I am a book person. Books inspire and guide me. I also have an extensive sewing library. I suggest you find at least one book that does that and instructs you in finer techniques. In the next few days I will gather all my books and organize them in one specific place in my studio. There is so much going on there right now that I need to isolate this project from the others.  Beg, borrow or request (for a Holiday gift) a book or two. You can immerse yourself in multiple ideas and sort out those that apply to you.
  2. Product Details
    Kai dressmakers scissors
  3. Tools, I am a tool person. It is the curse of the quilter in me. However, you must have a good sewing machine. A quality and balanced stitch. A straight stitch that you can vary length and width and at least a zig-zag of variability as well. Make sure it is in good condition, get it serviced now so it will be ready if needed. If you are in the market for a new machine, now is a good time. Lots of sales. Hit as many dealers as possible to compare and contrast features. Buy what you need, explain the type of sewing work that you do and let them direct you to a couple machines that will meet your needs then choose one that suits your budget.  Check to see if that dealer offers classes on becoming familiar with your machine. If you have a serger you are one step ahead. While not essential it does provide a nice professional finish to any garment. 
  4. Scissors, pins, marking device, French curve ruler, seam roll, tailors ham, seam ripper, measuring tapes, thread, new sharp and shiny needles for your machines and a nice little set of hand sewing needles. Most of this you most likely have but it never hurts to review. Don't forget to check out fabric store coupons to get what you need at deep discounts.
  5. A dress form is helpful to some, not so much to others. I have one I fondly named 'Bertie.'  I had to buy some padding to make her mine. Dritz Sew You Dress Form, Small
  6. A nice new notebook to plan, sketch, doodle and outline your plan and your work. There are several methods discussed on Sarai's blog post and each has its rewards. Take a read, see what you think.    
So here is my plan, I want to keep myself on track and help you as well. I also realize how important time is to the Sewist, no matter what her project. I will try to post about the project and my process on Sundays. My plan for the week, ideas that may interest you as well. Preparation is essential. In prior projects I got hung up when I didn't plan well. That is why I am presenting the pre-plan now. I will create a sidebar header to collect all the posts that pertain to this project so that you can read them without scanning through the entire blog.

I had a very detailed post ready for Sunday and lost all of it. I was so immersed in the dreadful news coming out of Paris last night that I accidentally deleted all of it and could not recover it. Next Sunday I hope to rewrite it for you. 

This week, check out some sewing books, make sure your machine is up to the task and you have the sewing tools you need to do fabulous work. This is not going to be couture, it is functional clothing that you will choose to suit your lifestyle.   


ELMO said...

Goodie, I can certainly get my hands on my sewing books, so I will spend the week "shopping" for inspiration on thank you for doing this, I will be very distracted this year.

celkalee said...

This should be interesting because everyone can apply the general guidelines to their own project and fulfill their own needs. Next Sunday I will post the lost intro. Good grief, I have never lost an entire post like that, the computer saves every couple minutes but it is gone........................

I have books in several places depending on where I sit down to read so the gathering of the books is probably going to take some time :) Patterns...........OMG. Patterns. Tomorrow, off to study the new releases for more ideas.

I know you will be far ahead of me in this, I'll be thrilled to have a sewing partner, keeps me honest!

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