Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Quiltophile, an Opinion

Cooks Forest, near Clarion, Pa.
Hello there fellow quiltophiles! I don't think that is a real word, as in official, but I think it has great merit for inclusion in the next Websters review. As I define the term,  a quiltophile is one who really likes quilts, really appreciates the color, the artistry and the skill of a quilt maker. But many quiltophiles do not stitch or piece or cut, they just look for the quilts, hang the quilts or use them on their beds, or sofa's or chairs. They appreciate the quilt for what it is.
I know another quiltophile or two who have great intentions. They purchase a sewing machine, fabric, rotary cutters, even fancy rulers. They search the book stores and magazine racks in the grocery for just the right quilt to start.
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In a recent conversation with a pending quiltophile  I sensed the enthusiasm and the imminent frustration in that person who wants to quilt, to jump in head first. The urge to be creative is a contagious emotion. My best advice to that person is head to your nearest quilt shop and take a class. Start at the beginning to avoid frustration, don't buy everything in sight. Ask for help.   
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I am not a teacher, I am not a judge or critic but I am a quilter and I think that if each of us identifies a possible quilter it is our opportunity, no duty, to direct their interest appropriately so that each of us can have the satisfaction of keeping the quilting world alive.
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How do you inspire a future quilter?  In the brief time since I wrote this post several more people have approached me wanting to learn how to quilt. Isn't that great? Down through history quilting has remained strong and steadfast as a utility craft as well as an art craft, I am hopeful and optimistic that those who want to explore the possibility will do just that. Welcome October.  

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