Monday, October 19, 2015

Facings Versus Bindings for Your Quilt

I took this pic on our last trip, in the mountains, near Clarion, Pa.

Good morning my quilty friends. I chose this leading picture because as I turned on the am news I hear that there is 1 inch of snow on the picnic table where I shot this pic, just three weeks ago. Holey Cow! I suppose I can no longer deny that Summer is indeed, OVER!

Up before 5am, I am back on my usual schedule, much to the dismay of the Mr. I am rested now after the Quilters retreat and raring to go. I cannot tell you how long it has been since I woke up, unable to sleep, thinking about sewing, quilting, all things crafty. It is a welcome change, turning a corner so to speak!

That said, would you like to know what subject was bouncing around in my brain? It is Facings versus Bindings for our quilts.  (please know that I am not a shallow person and I do consider gun violence and world peace to be more important issue, but I tell the truth. My thoughts were quilt related.)
This is the Quilt In A Day Wonky Ruler

In the Wonky Quilt class we used Sergers to assemble the quilt blocks. It was difficult to photograph this ruler properly. Just note that the cutting channels are at angles and numbered one through four and you use specific cutting channels for specific patterns. The sergers chain stitch resembles a sturdy standard straight stitch. Because these blocks are essentially nine patch blocks one can see a series of variations for the cutting. These are clearly illustrated in the accompanying pattern booklet. As a side note, two of the three patterns we used have not been released to the public yet. We were the first to play with these new designs.
The name of this block is Railroad Crossing.

The fabric choice for this block was not one I would ever have chosen. In the modern quilt movement these colors and this type of fabric is very popular, cutting edge. One of the instructors called it 'peppered cotton.' It reminds me of a fabric popular in the 1950's, like a cotton version of sharkskin. (I am dating myself dahlings!) This fabric frays like crazy, I do not know the manufacturer.

So here is the block, I have chosen to make a runner from these blocks because I will not be able (or inclined) to make more blocks to assemble a small quilt. Please note that I had to choose the one block that did not have seams and corners match. What we had was essentially enough blocks for a wall hanging. I gave my extra blocks away to a friend to add to her own project. (if I like the fabric or the colors I would rip that row out and re-do it. I don't. I won't. I'll put a candle or something on it, if I use it. )
These will be flange strips around the blocks and before the border. They were made on the Ovation Serger using the exclusive to Babylock Wave Stitch.

Because this is busy looking and asymmetrical, hold me down,  I will use the facing method for finishing this piece versus a binding. I may pop on some applique berries or holly leaves to jazz it up.
The first of two rows assembled. See what they mean by "Wonky?" I am a wee bit dizzy working on this one Quilters. Really! This is why I will likely face rather than bind this one.

Here is the link for the facing method used by an amazing quilter, Wanda of Exuberant Color.   I like it, the finishing does not compete with the pattern.

On the docket today:
  • finish cleaning the awful mess I made in the studio while incorporating the new machine
  • choose the facing fabric for the Wonky Runner
  • thread up the new serger, give it a spin
  • take Mondo for an oil change, one hour away. Hard to find a dealer that handles large vehicles.

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