Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Editorial: Stealing

fruit and flowers, this photo has no copyright. it also has no artistic value so I don't care if you use it!

Confused and Dismayed. Why you ask? I just read another post by an artist/blogger with issues related to the theft of intellectual property and copy right infringement. The Internet experience seems to be the ultimate breeding ground for this particular form of 'flattery.'
A Halloween themed doll, I bought it at a craft fair, did the 'maker' have permission to copy this pattern and sell it? Beats me, I never thought about it at the time, it is about 18 years old.

I cannot fathom the reach of the Internet when it comes down to it. For example, an artist makes a product, shares the process, posts the process, lists the finished product on a sellers site (Etsy, Ebay, etc.) then is totally taken aback because someone likes, puts it on their Pinterest board, copies it and sometimes sells it. After they post it someone in the Ukraine does the same thing and sells a similar product for half the original price.
One of the early cross-stitch Pears by Marly of the Samplers and Santa's blog. She has designed  this, has it listed under a tab on her blog, freely states on her site that this is free to share but I did contact her personally and obtain permission to use it my blog, share it and re-post it.

Now, remember that the original artist becomes aware of this by accident or referral. This person operates a small shop for a living. What is that person to do? I don't know. I am just asking. In the back of my head I am thinking that this artist is using these Internet connections to grow the business and sell the product, should that person be so surprised that their work is copied?
My design, my pattern. Posted on my blog with no copy right limitations. I have seen some similar types here and there but then I went back through my patterns and it is similar to an old pattern (20  years) but I am not selling them. I suppose that is the fine line of difference. 
 This is a problem for sure. There are some who grow and maintain their businesses successfully with Internet support but their loyal following seem to be 'spotters' who carefully read and curate posts by potential copycats and direct the infringement to the original artist to deal with the legal ramifications of the action. I would suspect that the small shop artist does not have these capabilities without hiring a professional group who do this type of work and the cost would be prohibitive.

Just something to think about if you design and post your work. What do you think?

This is a link to the thought provoking post that led me down this path. Worth the read. 

***here is a little addendum, while reading today's email a favorite blog read of mine posted a 'scrap' project where she uses little candy pop pre-cuts to enhance a tea towel. Well, glory be dahlings, it is almost a replica of one of my former posts. I am not insinuating anything, but, how can something like this, as simple as it is, be considered so special that one would make a big deal of someone using the same idea?

here and about 6 more posts in the same vein just on Sewtopia.

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