Monday, August 10, 2015

I Call Them Flowers, He Calls Them Weeds

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yes? Always one of  My favorite wild flowers, Queen Anne's Lace, the delicate blooms speak to me. Here on the dining room table they remind me of Summers past and passing Summer.
Abundant on our roadsides and in our fields these little pieces of lace bring smiles whenever I see them.
It has taken most of the Summer for my Foxglove to make an appearance. Finally, they were stunning in full bloom. I was really busy for a couple days and decided I would take photos 'tomorrow.' Well, enter a powerful wind and rain storm and about half of them survived. As I lay awake that night I was kicking myself for my procrastination!
What is so interesting about all the flowers in this bed is that they are self seeded from two beautiful plants that I had there last season. They actually survived the Winter, but someone thought they were weeds and pulled them out. I know, take a deep breath. Then I saw little sprouts in the bed and decided to not over plant it and see what happened. It was a miracle.
As I was clicking away the butterflies were swooping and the bee's were furious, therefore, quick photo's!
 Not much left today but better than nothing I say.

May your week be a good one with blooming flowers, beautiful sunlight and gentle breezes.

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