Saturday, August 1, 2015

August is Here, Such a Beautiful Month!

Heirloom Roses
Good Morning Dear Friends. How does it happen that the Summer months seem to pass more quickly than the Winter ones? My flowers are finally starting to bloom, nothing like a 'latent pause!'   As always the first of the month is reminder time. Gentle reminders I call them. So here we go:

  • Your mending will not repair itself, take a few minutes, gather the offending buttons and separated seams and help them out.
  • You still need sunscreen if you are out there. There was no such thing in my youth and now I have to have all those offending spots removed with a sharp scalpel. Trust me, you want that sunscreen.  
  • Water, drink your water. So many reasons. Again, trust me and drink your water.
  • I was reminded recently by a friend how important Sympathy Cards really are. As a result of a dreadful experience she found herself the recipient of such cards and remarked that they meant so much, more than the sender probably even guessed. I know they did for me when I lost precious family members. So do those you care about a little favor, stock up on Sympathy Cards so that you can be that thoughtful person so appreciated by friends and acquaintances.
  • Smile more, eventually it will a new habit. It will make those around you smile more too!
  • Have a wonderful August. I'll be here all month hope you can visit!  
  • August reminds me of great music of my youth, Stranger on the Shore. 
  • Start a new element of design to enhance your quilting. Doodle! Follow this link to read about how Lori Kennedy uses doodling to enhance her quilting. DOODLE, DOODLE, DOODLE!
  •  One more thing, (I am getting like my Uncle Harold. The family used to remark that he would prepare to leave with his hand on the door knob for a long time because he had ONE more thing to tell you!) Sorry, I digress, if you are local, meaning tri-state area  don't forget that the Shaker Woods Festival starts the first weekend of  August. Check out their website here.    
  • I am crazy about baby goats. Click on the link to see two little sweeties and the barn cat get to know each other, Happy First Day of August  

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