Friday, August 14, 2015

Another Fabric Frenzy Post

Sometimes when I buy fabrics in neatly collected bundles I hesitate to open it and examine all the fabrics. Maintaining the integrity of the collection provides me a sense of balance because color theory and color compatibilities evade me still.  Call it insurance.
These are from the little bundled collection that I picked up to go with the main fabric.
Blues and paisley, beautiful.
Purple and a stylized floral.
This green is very dimensional.
How classic is this?
I sometimes think that pics of fabrics are not very exciting but these have such a Vintage appeal to me that I wanted to share. The Modern Quilt Movement remains very strong in the shops and just about anywhere where quilters gather, however, I am strongly Traditional.  I have not come up with a plan for these fabrics yet but they will be hanging out in Sewtopia until a brain storm comes to mind.
Starting Next Week it is my intention to post about three times per week or four if I find something special to share.  This will give me more time to sew and create particularly with the Holidays coming on fast. Summer is slipping away and I am actually surprised. I did not find time to work on my annual Christmas in July projects so I need to get a move on. Thank you for understanding. As usual, please direct any questions or comments in the post comment section or email directly.   See you Monday! Have a great week-end and soak up as much as you can of this waning Summer. Of course, if you are not a Summer person be glad, Fall will be here soon :)

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