Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Technological Abyss

Sometimes you just have to sit back and wonder. How did I get to this point in life?
This was the plan, I wanted to do a set of Tea Towels, for me this time. Not to be!

  • Thrilled beyond belief to start my Fall embroidery projects my essentially new computer is telling me that my photo thing cannot import the pictures on the embroidery disc because the updates are not current. WHAT? I just did that. Now it won't read? Really? And there are all kinds of 'programs' online that can fix that for you. Of course you are locked into a one year contract by these non-English speaking good Samaritans. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
  • How stupid do I have to be to work the new Smart TV? It is true, the television is smarter than I am, however, not as smart as the smart ass I paid $200 dollars to for installation! Talk about attitude and sloppy work. I am not done with this. I am starting to fight back. In the past I would give all these twits the benefit of the doubt because I was reminded that my Son was that age, he had to deal with all kinds of people, he would be very frustrated. No more. If you are a twit, own it, because I know one when I see it. And take that stupid ring out of your nose!
    This is a little blurry because I was trembling in anger. I paid a whopping installation fee for have all the components hooked up, wires organized etc. After day 1, this is what was left, and, no sound. Grrrr.....
  • While I am on an IRK, let's look at customer service in general. Three different entities have tossed me off this week. Each promising a return call on very important issues, there was never a return call and a follow up to each revealed lost information, misfiled information or an essential blase comment read from a script. HOLD ME DOWN! 
  • OK, that's all for now. While some bloggers lament the state of the American culture from foreign countries I speak from first hand experience. I am hopeful that things such as this will change. Hope, that's what I am holding on to. Right! 
    So, what's a girl to do? Have a cuppa and think pleasant thoughts. By the way, I found this Downton Abbey Tea in a local Garden and Food emporium. Mr. felt I needed it after the week I have had. Thank you. 

*a little aside, sometimes I write little rants like this and never publish them. It feels good to just blow off a little steam.
 PS: the installer returned, fixed everything up very nice and was even pleasant while doing it. Since he arrived as we were sitting down to dinner I offered him a plate. He declined. I think he thought I might poison him! Wonders never cease.

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