Monday, July 6, 2015

Garment Girl, Culottes

Decades of culotte sewing patterns. On the McCall Pattern Company blog.
I had this pattern, made several pair.

Over the last couple years I have been revisiting the garment sewing possibilities. That is not a secret. I even went for two (2) years (Mt. Everest Project #1 and #2) and purchased nothing, I lived with what I had and supplemented with sewn T shirts, comfy trousers and PJ's. I even started a skirt but it was a wadder.

The whole culotte subject is one that I can relate to. Over my sewing years I have resurrected this style and been very happy with it. You either like them or you don't I suppose. Like wrap skirts, it is a yes or no.

A post sent out by the McCall Pattern Company addressed the current state of the culotte. It features patterns popular though out the decades with lots of style options that can be adapted for today's wear. Now, to be clear, I have not seen these recently on the runway reports but as Sewists we have the opportunity to be ahead of the game. 

The McCall Pattern Post- Coulottes

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