Tuesday, June 30, 2015

In Case You Missed Today

Mary Jane number 1. Can you believe this is so cute?

 It is not unusual for the Ladies of the Cloth to be involved in charitable works. Again we have been presented with the opportunity to make and donate Pillowcase dresses and little short pants for indigent children in Haiti and Africa. If you missed today's gathering the request was shared and explained by Mary Jane. The clothing would be due in September to be transported by a designated person.

Our last effort was a bit complicated but his project has already been organized by another church group. We would contribute to their project. That said I have included some links to websites that explain how to make the little dresses.

Here is another that Mary Jane made from yardage she had on hand. Soooo cute! We shared a little chuckle because those of us who didn't have little girls really have great fun making little dresses :)
Mary Jane number 2, with pockets too!

The Pattern.
A nice little step by step photo tutorial.
For Little Boys a simple pair of knee shorts with an elastic waist is needed.
*Remember no buttons or zippers, they have no way to replace or repair if broken.   

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