Monday, April 13, 2015

On With The Show, The Quilt Show That Is!

Totally different from any other quilt in the show, this Crazy Quilt is so beautifully executed that it needs to be seen in person to be fully appreciated.  
As you can see by these photos our vendors bring in lots of premium merchandise.
Mini-masterpieces all in a row.
Hexagons and stars with a saw tooth type of frame. The quilting is stunning.
A paper weight in fabric. All of these glorious fabrics work so well together.

  •  Time. Quilts are a time commitment. Someone asked me the other day just how long it would take to make a baby quilt. I never kept track but I might try that, just for fun.
  • Just thinking about how much work goes into each quilt gives any Sewist pause. Hours and hours of painstaking piecing and stitching, matching points and corners and time becomes the other element of the process. Time well spent.
  • Now just consider how much time all of the work in the show represents! 
  • That said, I think that time spent quilting can be meditative. Or not. I try to keep it fun so that it does not become a chore. Several years ago I did have a small side business doing Sewist work, hated it, it literally ate all my spare time, devoured it. Almost made me hate sewing so I stopped and that was when I discovered quilting. 
  • Now that is a good way to spend my time.

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