Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dreamers, Where Would We Be Without Them? (Us?)

In spite of the fact that we woke up to snow on the ground this morning, I am ready for porch time, The McCoy pottery frog is a family treasure. He and the toad and the turtle have graced a porch table in this family for longer than I have been a member. They are happy little creatures and they sort of remind me of the animated characters in the Beatrix Potter movie. Sooo cute!
Ahhh, the Week End. The promise of friends, family, and fun. I recently took a course on personality development and the instructor defined 'fun' as not an activity or a specific amusement but as a state of mind, a person who sees the world with all the potential for enjoyment it provides. Fun. I plan for some fun this weekend.

  •  A trip to visit my favorite stoneware potter for a replacement lid to one of my favorite jugs. Dropped that little puppy and three pieces ended up on the floor. Drats!
  •  I may try to cut out a couple aprons.
  •  I need to decide on the next quilt project. I have several in the queue as I have mentioned in the past. Which one gets to step to the front of the line? 
  • I am so far behind on the cross-stitch Pears, need to address that little bit of procrastination. 
  • And of course, I need to clean Mondo and move in the stuff. My garage is bulging with the stuff. Bonding, all that work will be bonding. Well that is the word I am using to describe the process. We'll talk about that some other time, other place.
  • I love Tango music. Makes me want to dance. Now there's a little mental picture to provide some fun. 
  • I received a card and a letter from a dear friend I made at work years and years ago. What a phenomenal person. She lives far away now so this is how we communicate. Now that she has retired she has promised an email address. Time to move into the new century.  I miss her, her strength and kindness.
  • Have yourself a lovely little week end. These early Spring days are such a gift even if they are cold and a flurry or two falls!

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