Sunday, April 12, 2015

Color, Color, Color!

My photo collection from the Three Rivers Quilt Show is winding down. But there are still some beauties I want to share.
Intricate piecing and beautiful Fall toned colors make this really pop against the light background.
Another riot of color against the white background.
Reds and white, color as an exclamation point. This red of hexagons in the shape of a hexagon is the theme of the show.
And this one, well, each month is represented by a house dressed for the season. Each block is speckled with many colors.
White and cheddar, great color contrast. Just look at the quilting! The binding is the same cheddar color, very thin and scalloped.
  • Lovely quilts, beautiful color each and every one. Totally different translations.
  • Today I am seeing real Spring colors, trees in bloom, the greenest green in my side garden. I feel like I am flying over Ireland. I so remember that green. 
  • Color is one of those subjects. Have I mentioned that about 10 years ago I went blonde, I mean platinum blonde. No one knew who I was. I'm thinking about doing it again. Spring fever I think.    
  • I am ready to pack up all the Easter colors. I am feeling the need of neutral, lots of neutral. I don't want the inside of Sewtopia to compete with the outside, where the flora is coming alive.  So this is the week to pack up the bunnies, the pastel eggs and little yellow chicks. I think the little fireplace birds need to go back to their box too. The fireplace mantle needs a re-dec. Not sure with what yet, it will come to me.
  • Simplify, I have already taken down all those Winter themed canvas and art prints. I just couldn't take it anymore. Snow, cold, biting winds, misery...packed away for a while or a long while. Who knows?
  • I need to work on my cross-stitch tonight.
  •  I call all these random thoughts brain bounce.
While searching some new blogs I found a new-to-me one that is just amazing color. I mean every single project is amazing color. Just click the link below to see what I mean. Love it! 
Visit Exuberant Color for great inspiration.

See what Mary Fons, of Quilty, has to say about 5 myths about quilting. Very enlightening, found some great information in this video.  

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