Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Tool Time Share, The Mechanics Magnetic Pin Bowl

I have seen various renditions of this bowl on line and on Pinterest. I have several of these scattered here and there at each work station in my studio. Mine are the basic stainless without decoration. I even keep one in the bottom of a recycled plant pail that I use to store my basting pins. As I work I drop the pins near the pail and the magnet is strong enough to capture the pin. The best part, $1.99 at Harbor Freight for the 4 inch and I think $3.99 for the 6 inch dish. Used by mechanics to hold small nuts and bolts, they are perfect for the Sewist as well. I do apologize to the maker of this one, it is so cute but I do not have a link to add. If I find it again I will add it here. Have a lovely day, quite cold here, snow flurries. (oh my word!) Consider the work habits of your sewing space. Do you spend time hunting down magnetic pin cushions near your work areas? Would these work for you? 


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