Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lets Talk About Our Fat, Quarters That Is :)

Fabric, fabric, fabric! Each season I am thrilled to see the new offerings. I can't imagine being a fabric designer, how do they all come up with the great colors, patterns and designs? Fortunately in this modern world of quilting we can sit back, wait for the designers to design then choose our favorites!

I like fat quarters particularly because I can have a little bit of this and that from each line. Recently, I have been using up fat quarters but trying to be careful not to waste fabric.
Do you find your drawers and cubbies littered with fat quarters? Really, who can resist a sale of fat quarters? My most recent foray into that realm was actually January 13, I know, it's been a while. Aren't I proud of myself!!! I am trying to control the future stash. It is hard when all the new lines hit the shops.

That said, I saw the little cutting diagram on Facebook, I think. What do you think? A nice way to use and not waste any fabric from those purdie Fats! Now, you need to come up with a pattern to best utilize your cuts! Have fun.....

  • Fat quarters are a stash builders dream. And their lies the contradiction, are we building the stash or not?
  • If you can answer that, please let me know, I am conflicted.
  • I found a nice Fat Quarter Friendly pattern in an older magazine, I'll share that next post. 
  • While I want to limit 'said stash,' I want to use it and not add to it too.
  • It has been one of those weeks, I broke the chain on my favorite necklace, I accidentally set my Ninja Cooker on fire and may have damaged my sewing machine stitching through a piece of rice. Yes rice. 
  • I am a modest person. Ladies locker rooms can be shocking. I am going to sew up one of those wrap-yourself-up-when-you-get-out-of-the-shower-things and maybe it will rub off. My eyes may be permanently damaged, just saying. 
  •  You know, a large towel with an elastic casing around the top or the same towel with a Velcro tab closure to preserve the dignity. Again, just saying.
  • I know where there will be a fat quarter sale in two weeks, lets see how long I can resist, OK? 

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