Friday, February 13, 2015

Yarn, the Fiber That Is!

Well quilters, as I rise this morning we only have two degrees. I don't know which one to enjoy first! Since it is Winter in Western Pa that is not particularly unusual but just so you know the good old Farmers Almanac had this right on. So I am going to enjoy my two degrees today while meeting a friend for lunch. Good grief, somebody go get that Groundhog and give him the business!!!

Our Jennifer from the Ladies of the Cloth has stretched her little wings in the last year or so and has been working with wool. This week she shared some newly spun wool yarn that shows how practice improves skill with all art forms.
I know absolutely nothing about spinning. In this photo you can see how the same wool in three different spinning sessions produces three different types of yarn. On the left the yarn is very tight and twisted on the right just the opposite. Love the color.
  These little balls show much the same process in test balls. Also, love the color.
Evolution: a two ply twist. Again, love the colors.
 Look at the glorious texture here. Jenny is getting better and better at this.
See how consistent and lovely, this looks like a fisherman's style sweater waiting to be made.
 And the finale, like the fireworks on July 4th this hank is the result of skill. Increasing and beautiful skill.
  • Quilters are versatile artists. This yarn is but one example.
  • I have never met a knitter I didn't like. 
In absolute boredom I scanned the upper channels the other day. Reality shows do not appeal to me because there is NO reality there. But my conclusion is that if you have to scream to carry on a conversation you might need to check out Miracle Ear! After 15 minutes of one particular show I know that I need to have my hearing tested. Really? 

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