Monday, August 4, 2014

A Summer Quilt, Lola in Progress and in Repose

I have been remiss in this post. While quilting Lola I had promised some progress shots and explanations of how I changed my process using the Handiquilter Sweet 16. I forgot. Well, not entirely forgot just didn't get to it. Does that ever happen to you? Sometimes I get so involved, in the zone in new-speak, that I just keep going. The biggest change was that I did not quilt from the center out, separating the quilt into four quadrants and working each quadrant to its end. I worked from one short end to the other, in a sort of zig-zag layout while maintaining my pattern. This way the quilt does not appear to be in "rows." Heaven forbid!

This little quilt is a Summer quilt. The batting is a lightweight cotton suitable for warmer weather.  It reminds me of old fashioned Summer flowers. The Hydrangea and the Astilbe. They are beautiful this year. Comforting, reminding me of another time when everything seemed so do-able and the future full of potential. A child's view of the world.
Anyway, geez I do get melancholy now and then, sorry. So here is Miss Lola. An orphan Jelly Roll she is fashioned after Jenny Doan's Jelly Roll Race #2. The #2 refers to the little 2 inch blocks inserted between each strip.

Pink, Blue and Brown floral's, so Shabby Chic 

I call this quilting pattern Floribunda. These are stylized flowers with the petals echoed. Simple, all over, different sizes and configurations. The thread is variegated whites and off-whites. Not sure I like the effect but there it is.

More of the pattern, I have some wobbly echo's here and there. My FMQ is free hand, no marking. One of these days my echos will be more precise, or, maybe not.
Ahh, that Lola works well on a cool Summer evening reading a book, observing nature or just thinking!

Copacabana, Barry Manilow   (her name was Lola, she was a showgirl................)

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Jeanneke said...

I do love the #2 pattern with the 2" blocks between de strips.
Make it a different and very nice Jelly Roll Race Quilt edition.
Your FMQ is wonderful; well done, my friend!
Cheers and hope you'll have a nice day,


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