Monday, May 12, 2014

Fabric Passion

One thing I cannot help but notice...some weeks go much faster than others. Time is one of those elements that I cherish but loose control when there is so much to do. This time of year is just that, busy. My blogging Spring Break has passed and there was sewing.  That said, beautiful fabrics are a constant aren't they? I call this a passion. For some it is stamps, cars, jewelry or shoes. (well, shoes are OK) Anyway, here are some selections from this Springs new offerings.        

While I was doing some repetitive sewing over the weekend I glanced around the studio I realized that I have been amassing a fresh collection of fabrics that I have not shared. Quite frankly I have no idea what I will do with them but the bright and fresh colors and themes just had my little brain spinning.   hope everyone had a nice weekend creating, planning, sewing! Cutting is my absolute least favorite sewing task. I am not sure why but it always has been. I have the tools of every shape and style but it just seems to drag on and I want to get to the sewing. As a result,  I have enhanced my collection of Pre-Cuts. I am in love my dears and I just wanted to go public before the rumors get started and unsubstantiated gossip makes the quilting rounds. There, that's out and we can move on!
I had closed up my cutting table to move some things around when the new machine arrived and just piled the new pre-cuts there until they find their "forever home." I realized at the same time that they need to have a dedicated drawer or cart or something because there were some duplicates (can you believe that?) and some that I quite frankly forgot about. 
This new collection from Fig Tree & Co. is so darn cute I just had to bring it home. These colors are like Cool Sherbet on a summer evening sitting on the swing listening to some classic tunes. A nice quilting magazine in hand makes it all just too perfect.
Well then you have this charming little collection by Gina Martin called 'Wrens and Friends' that is graphic and linear at the same time. Also way to cute to pass up. This is one of those fabrics that are quick to disappear and by the time you get back to the shop they are gone. You know what I mean.
I have shown this pack before but among the pale pastels there are some deeper shades of the same colors as well, very blendable.

I never have neutrals when I need them. I usually need something like this around midnight on a sewing binge in my nighties! I am ready now ladies. When the insomnia strikes (all too frequently) I can pair up a neutral, or a white, with no problem now. 
Now this pack of Layer Cake on the left is a darker tan-ish neutral paired with a lighter off-white. I am thinking coffee colors here. And check out these little charm squares called 'Muslin Mates!' There are even little itty-bitty chevrons in there. I can't stand it!  On the far right are some Jelly Rolls in whites and off whites.
Below is a collection of Layer Cake squares paired with their off-white Layer Cake Partners for a current work-in-progress. Glory be, I found some more but I am sort of embarrassed about this little passion now.

A Link for Passionista's:
Another passion, collecting kitchen-ware, Ladies and Gentlemen, we are not alone! Check out the blog Martha Moments.

****Tomorrow I meet Jenny Doan! How cool is that?????

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